A pot of food that is stirred often will cook evenly and well. In the same manner, a life that is stirred frequently is more likely to be balanced and successful.
Have you ever dreamed a great dream or had an inspiring idea, but then went back to your daily routine and lost sight of it? The next time inspiration knocks, invite it in.
Văd dragostea lui Dumnezeu în ochii fiinţei iubite. Simt dragostea lui Dumnezeu în briza răcoroasă a verii. Aud dragostea lui Dumnezeu în cântecul mierlei.
Getting things out in the open will nearly always bring people together. It may not solve the immediate problem, but it will foster mutual respect and better understanding that will lead to future solutions and successes.
People are often not looking for answers or advice when they tell others their problems. They may just want to be able to express their feelings and to have the satisfaction of knowing someone else understands and empathizes. You pay people a high compliment simply by hearing them out.
Eyes can convey understanding or annoyance, empathy or arrogance, approval or disapproval, encouragement or discouragement, support or doubt, as well as a thousand other emotions. Look for the good in others, and your eyes will positively convey that.
Ada yang mengetahui dan memahami pikiran serta perasaan anda—kenikmatan dan kepedihan, sukacita dan dukacita—yang menyadari kebutuhan dan hasrat hati anda yang paling dalam.
Légy önmagad! Hidd el, senki nem fog kiábrándulni belőled, ha azt az igazi énedet fedezik fel benned, amit mindvégig ismertek és szerettek.
While your children are a gift from Heaven, they are also a work in progress. It’s your job to help them grow into loving, responsible adults.
Every organization needs a boss at the top who makes or approves the final decisions, but a good boss is not a dictator; a good boss consults with others and respects their ideas and opinions. A good boss may not agree with all the input and may decide to go a different route, but at least the others involved have their opinions respectfully considered.
C’è Qualcuno che conosce e comprende ogni tuo pensiero e sentimento - il piacere e il dolore, la gioia e l’affanno - e che sente i desideri e i bisogni più intimi del tuo cuore.
La oss ikke undervurdere kjærlighetens kraft når det gjelder å forandre hjerter og holdninger. Kjærligheten kan til og med gi deg ny inspirasjon, slik at du klarer det som før syntes umulig.
There is much emphasis these days on political correctness—on acting and speaking in such a way as to avoid offending others—but spiritual correctness goes a step further. Spiritual correctness does the caring, considerate, or sacrificial thing not because social convention requires it, but because love inspires it.
The night sky is lovely from the perspective of an earthbound stargazer, but that sight doesn’t begin to compare to the magnificent, thrilling, enchanting view from space. Launch your dreams and they will open worlds to you that you never knew existed.
Freundlichsein und Höflichkeit verwandeln einen durchschnittlichen Menschen in eine bessere Person; durch Gleichgültigkeit und Mangel an Mitgefühl wird aus einer überdurchschnittlichen Person eine mittelmäßige.
No finjas ser otro. Compórtate con naturalidad. De ese modo la gente no se desilusionará cuando te vea tal como eres; seguirá estimándote, pues siempre te habrá conocido así.
Soyez vous-même ! De cette manière, personne ne sera déçu en découvrant qui vous êtes vraiment, puisqu’ils vous connaissent et vous aiment déjà tel que vous êtes.