When you’re surfing and there’s a big wave coming your way, you can either catch and ride it or be overwhelmed by it. Rise above your problems and ride them to victory rather than letting them drown you.
When you’re tempted to feel frustrated with the idiosyncrasies of others, first sit down and tally up your own. Then determine if you can let something pass. If it needs addressing, look for constructive ways to approach the matter.
To lose either money, health, trust, or loved ones is a great loss, but the greatest tragedy is to lose faith. Are you without faith? Don’t give up. There’s a miracle waiting for you. Faith can be regained in that very moment when you turn to God with a believing spirit.
It’s not always what you say that makes the difference; sometimes it’s the way you say it.
Încearcă să te pui în papucii celuilalt înainte de a-i refuza cererea de a avea o pereche nouă.
Gi bort kjærlighet i dag. Elsk din neste. Elsk familien din. Elsk Gud. Han vil sørge for at du har nok kjærlighet, og gi deg mer enn du noensinne kan gi bort.
When you’re tempted to vent your frustrations on some unsuspecting soul, tap your foot softly ten times. Then with great effort, smile and think of some of your own stupid mistakes.
Success can be dangerous; it can breed arrogance. Sometimes it’s better to fail. Failure fosters humility, and humility will win you more points with people than arrogance.